Learning with Lily

Learning with Lily

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pirate ships, submarines, crepes and cocacola

Yesterday my parents and I took Lily (and a sleeping Evie) to the playground at the lake, which is a beautiful wooden playground with a pirate ship, submarine and a little house.  As it was the first time post-pregnancy that I had gone to any sort of playground with her, I was looking forward to being able to clamber on some of the equipment and play with her a little.

What I didn't bank on was the speed at which my little daughter raced from one piece of a equipment to the other. No sooner had I "boarded" the pirate ship, than she had disappeared down the slide and run to another piece.  Which left me - a 35 year old fool on a wooden ship, sliding down the slide and looking as if I had been there for my own enjoyment...

The café at the lake is beautiful, and we enjoyed crepes au sucre and coffee afterwards.  Although it was blustery, it was warm, so we sat on the balcony.  Lily proceeded to "tidy" all the tables and chairs and refused to go until she'd made all the tables neat and tidy. Why oh WHY not at home, I ask myself!  Still, it gave me hope for a tidier playroom in the future...

Then home for the usual mania of bathing four children, pjs, milk and bed...  A Good Day.

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