Learning with Lily

Learning with Lily

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Crushing Tiredness

When you don't have a newborn, I think you quickly forget the effect of tiredness.  Last night, even when Evie was crying, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and Ray was no better.  We're only 2 weeks in and we're already crushed...

I worry about Ray because of his previous stroke, and the fact that sleep deprivation can be a risk factor. Although we're pretty sure his stroke was triggered by a neck injury last time, there are no guarantees - and I feel as if his exhaustion is a real risk.  And for me, it makes my problems at lot harder to deal with.

If only I were Kate Middleton!  Or someone similar...  Limitless money, help when you need it, no doubt all the support you want. I know that she has refused a lot of childcare, but she has that option and can change at any time.

Yes, we are very lucky as the children are well catered for in the day-time - Lily is at school four days a week, and the boys do three days of crèche.  But in the lonely midnight hours, it's a totally different story.  And at 5.15am, which seems to be "morning" time at the moment here, the day stretches before me and I wonder how on Earth I'm going to do it...

So if anyone fancies a low paid nanny's position, including some nights PLEASE do get in touch.  Or a free French holiday with childcare built in...



saeah berry said...

I can come over and do a night in the holidays for you ? I can cope with a night :)

Gillian Harvey said...

That's so sweet of you!

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